New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Green Light for Marge

Hey Marge, this one's for you!

The Green Light


Franklin County, Kentucky


Dave Bell

January, 2011

There is an old tale that has been repeated for years in this area concerning a “Green Light” that has a supernatural nature about it.

I first heard about the Green Light when in grade school. It was passed on to a group of us by a very credible source. If my memory serves me correctly, the event in question was eye witnessed by the teller’s first cousin’s step-sister’s great aunt.

The site of this event is off the Old Lawernceburg Rd, approximately two miles from Kentucky’s Capitol Building, up a very narrow rutted farm road..

Now, how the story was told to us:

It was a hot Summer night, and a bunch of teenagers were driving around to different hangouts, when one in the group suggested going out to see the ghost that carried a green light.

Of course, the guys were gung-ho, and the girls were timid about this adventure. But, off they went anyway.

They drove out of Frankfort and came to the farm road that went up at a pretty steep angle the 200 or so feet to the top of the ridge. As they bounced up the road, the girls started squealing at anything that moved, and the guys started getting a little apprehensive, even to the point of rolling up the car windows..

When they got to the top of hill, they found themselves in a clearing with woods on both sides.

They were told to turn off the lights and stay in the car at all times. After waiting about ten minutes, a soft green light came up out of the woods and moved as if someone were carrying a lantern. The light slowly circled the car and put out just enough light that it was evident that whatever carried it was not visible.

As the light passed by the driver’s door, he got brave, rolled down his window and grabbed for the light, which suddenly disappeared. Then suddenly there was a crashing sound, followed by a low moan. The driver’s face was battered and cut up as if he had been hit with the lantern.

The light was next seen easing back into the forest.


  1. This is quite a yarn,Dave; thank you for posting it, and for any others you may post in the future.

    Has anyone speculated about who the bearer of the lantern might be? I s'pose at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter; the light is there and I get the impression you don't want to mess with it!

    Here in Iowa, a house which was the scene of the horredous murder of an entire family in the early 1900's is reported to have "odd" things happening there to this day.

    Here's a link to the story of the house in Vilisca:

    Feel a little chill in the air? I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with winter...

    *sound of eerie music fades away...*

  2. I think I will keep the windows up!

  3. You're a very good storyteller, Dave...I was hooked from the getgo...