New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Here's a little clip of the kids partying.


The feud between my wife and my in-laws continues.  There was a "surprise 75th B'day Party" for Kim's mom back in January that neither us or Marisa was invited to.  Marisa had tried to call them three times back  around X-Mas, and they would not answer the phone, nor return her calls.  So....she took her Daddy's outlook of .... "Tough for them...I'm moving on!"  And, they made no effort after that to contact any of us.
  Wedding Invitations went out April 1 with May 2 RSVP date.  Only one person from Kim's family in  Cincy replied back by May 2.
  I suggested to Marisa that she make one last attempt to contact them.  She didn't want to at first, but, followed up anyway around May 9th. 
  They stated , " You need to come up to Cincinnati to straighten out this misunderstanding"!  Marisa told them that with her and Justin's work schedule and all the wedding prep there would be no way.  She advised that if they needed to straighten out anything, they'd have to come to Louisville.
  So, they drove down to Louisville on May 14 (two weeks before the wedding) and "straightened out the misunderstanding".  I never did hear what all ensued in the conversation...and don't care.  I did hear that Grandmother put on her big fake act and said to Justin "...about how sorry she was that all this interfered with the family getting to know him better".   He made no reply...just stared at her.  Just before they were to leave, she asked Justin if "other people down here knew about the misunderstanding".  He told her "Yes.  She then had to ask who all knew about it.  He replied "EVERYBODY!"   The old bat was speechless.

  Then, as if upon cue, the invitation RSVPs started coming in from Kim's side of the family right after they returned to Cincinnati .  That week we received replies for about 15 folks from Cincy.

  Well, they showed up at the wedding.... I was very cordial to them.... They made no effort at all to talk to Kim.   Her Dad did come over to Kim at the reception while she was talking to some other people.  He stuck out his chin for her to give him a little peck on the cheek, then walked away before she could break away from the other folks.

........................................................ OTHER STUFF .....................................................................

  The night before the wedding, the girls were practicing their big "Dance", when Marisa jammed and broke one of her toes!
  There was concern about being able to wear her heels with the swollen toe....but, just about all the bridesmaids were nurses, so they just bandaged her up and told her to deal with it!.   Which she did!

  One of the groomsmen got a little liquored up that same night, and some girl yelled for him to give her a piggyback ride.  He leaned forward and reached back to grab her legs as she ran and jumped on his back.  Gravity kicked in and he landed face first on the sidewalk, which left a bad concrete skid mark across his face.
  However, he was fixed up nicely the next morning by the women there to do the girls make-up.  Even up close, you could not see the burn mark!

  The Wedding was beautiful!

  They left for a Honeymoon in Hawaii early Tuesday morning.  However, their United Airlines flight was "delayed" because 1 of 3 special wheelchairs was missing from the plane.  There were none in Louisville, so they had to drive one down from Indianapolis.  When it was delivered, it was still in it's packing crate.....and there was no-one in Louisville that was "certified" to put it together.  So, the flight was cancelled.  They would have missed their connection in Chicago anyway.  
  They did get off fine Wednesday morning and lost out on one day in Hawaii.  Haven't heard on what United is offering for their loss.

  Kim's Family
 My Family
 Makeup Artist at work

Thursday, July 5, 2012

He's Baaaack!

Greetings to all,
  Well, it's been awhile since I've been on here....and what kind of "Welcome Back" do I get?  The *&#$ folks at Blogger done went and changed things around so that I have no idea as to how to blog now.
  However, I'm going to try and mutter through it.

Memorial Day Weekend, the VARMIT (my daughter) got married in Louisville.

The top picture is of Kim (my wife) and the groom.  #2 was Marisa getting ready .  #3 was a good shot of the happy couple.
  The photographer and assistant did a fabulous job....and took 650 pictures.  

  I'll get back later with some more pictures and story about what all happened that week.