New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I just read on Facebook where one of my daughter's friends complained about how rude people can be when you hold open doors for them and they don't even acknowledge you for it.
It reminded me of something that happened to me many years ago. As I was entering a doorway into a store, I held the door open for a lady following behind me. She very loudly announced that "She was perfectly able to open her own doors!"...So, being the gentleman that I have always been.... I went on through the door...then held it closed ...and told her " Find your own damned door Bitch...this one's mine! The standoff lasted quite a few minutes until someone else came up to enter.
The pictures shown here are from one of my early morning jaunts out to take pictures in the early morning mist

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Test on 9/23

After reading Carol's post about not being able to "post new pictures" on this site, I had to try it out for myself. so, I'm going to try to post one of my best pictures (No, it's not of me!). It was from an early morning shot of some deer crossing Elkhorn Creek.
If it doesn't work....I'll just sit here, fume, cuss a little, and wait for Google to fix the problem! worked! Guess I'll just have to find something else to bitch about!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kentucky's Elkhorn Creek

My favorite time of the day for photography is around dawn. About a mile down from our house is the beautiful little Elkhorn Creek. A few mornings I was able to get out when there was some light fog and took a few shots that I put into a little video.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lee City and Caney, Kentucky

An old post from my "Kentucky Backroads" site on Windows Live from june 5, 2005.

Little slow for me this week, so, thought I'd share some old memories.

Greetings to "all", This is about my first chance to "hit the backroad" since about February. It seems that crappy Spring weather and busy schedule have crimped my travel time. I was able to "escape from the flatlands" on Sat afternoon, and headed down into Breathit and Perry Counties in search of more gravehouses. However, I was unable to make the contacts or find any new ones this trip. I was very disappointed to learn that a "glass gravehouse" located near Chavies (Perry County) was torn down a couple of years ago due to it having too much glass broken from BB guns and lawnmower flying debris. I had intended on visiting with my old friend Glenn Duff up in High Falls, but decided against it due to him being under the weather with a bad ear infection. Hell, it's bad enough having to listen to my bullshit with normal would be pretty awful have to repeat most of my gibberish. That's a bit much for even me to endure! So, I ventured up into Morgan County. It was there that we ( the disfunctional trio of Larry Adams, Gary Holbrook, and self) got together for our quarterly get-together. We started off the evening with a good ole poker game on Larry's log cabin front porch. Larry was a very gracious host, and contributed $25 to my "sucker fund". Someday he might learn NOT TO PLAY POKER WITH MY CARDS! We decided to forego the "Appalation Social Scene" offered by the Silvermine Saloon ( a nice honkey-tonk over in Wolfe County) favor of heading down to the Lee City Cutural Enlightenment Center. Words are difficult to describe the place...but of course I'll try. The building is a now defunct roadhouse..if the walls could talk, you would probably hear sorriful tales of shootings, stabbings,infidelity, heartbreak, loneliness, and mornful country music. In other words, about like any bar in the world that you venture into! The building now is "opened up" on the weekends by the owner, for a place for the locals to come and be socialble. Lee City is a small town with population of maybe 300 people, no industry, a store and about 15 churches. The clientel was a mixture of people of all ages. there were several married (but not necessarily to each other) and dating couples, senior citizens, babies, and a few kids around 10-14 years old. Since no liquor was sold there, there were several trips to the cars for "refreshments" during the night. The rumor was passed around the community that Larry Adams would be coming down to play and sing and that he was bringing his magician buddy to perform...also, there'd be a strange fellow with them that could "drink beer"! We got there around 10:00 and the place was about 1/4 full and a few locals were already up picking guitars and singing. Then, the place started rocking when Larry started his performance. More people showed up when the word got around that Larry was there. Since I was the DA (desinated adult.... designated driver) and not drinking, it gave Larry and Gary the opportunity to drink for me. And I must admit....they did an admirable job of it! Late in the evening (morning)the guys took a break from playing, and I did a small magic show and did some "walk-around close-up magic for the folks. Gary did a great job of what he does best....drink beer"! Though this type place is one that most folks from out of the area would not even dream of stopping was truely a grat place, and the folks were wonderful. They truely were appreciative of the entertainment we were able to contribute....also to Gary, because he kept going to the trunk of the car and sharing his beer....and MY BOURBON...with several of the nice young ladies that were there! Around 3:00 A.M. we headed back to Larry's cabin up a hollar just outsde Caney, Ky. I crashed out in a "lazy-boy" and those two played poker till 6:00 A.M! We slept in till around 11:00....and I got up and fixed a pot of coffee. We then went out on the the old men we are becoming...and bullshitted till about 3:00 P.M. Then, I had to take Holbrook home and head on back to the flatlands. When I got home around 5:30...we had a good Steak Dinner for Fathers Day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend...named Correctly!

Labor Day Weekend... a time when everyone kicks back to rest from their labors.....NOT !
Friday evening, I worked from 4:30 till about 6:00... ran home to feed the muts, packed my gear and food then headed for the cabin. Once I got settled in, I was able to sit back with my Kindle to finish up a hilarious book entitled " Sh*t My Father Said". Then hooked up my DVD player and watched a movie. since it had turned a little cool ( about 62 degrees ) I didn't have the frogs in the ponds to serenade to me. However, the Coyotes were in rare form with their singing. I finally dozed off around 12:30 A.M..
On Saturday morning, I fixed a pot of coffee, and decided to take a trip down memory lane to a typical Saturday morning from 50 years or so ago. Thanks to copying some old TV shows via Netflix, I was able to sit back and watch an episode of "The Roy Rogers Show" and also " Sky King".
Note: The girl named Penny in the Sky King Show just passed away this last week.
Around noon, I finally got around to fixing breakfast on the "outdoor kitchen". I believe it keeping it simple by just fixing sausage, eggs, and biscuits. After washing the dishes, I assembled and hung a nice 8-day pendulum clock given to me by my buddy Edgar to hang in the cabin. Also, I managed to hang a nice Makers Mark Barrelhead, and a paper towel dispensor. I even swept and mopped the floor.
Now that might not sound like much to you, but, for me, it was being pretty productive, because, I am not much of a handyman!
Later in the afternoon, I drove up on the highest ridge in order to be able to pick up a TV signal to watch the UK vs Louisville football game.
Then, Saturday night I had to head home to take a shower, then go out and help Kim clean up after a bigwedding reception out at the Catholic Church Life Center. I was there from 10:30 till 3:15 a.m. She had been there straight through from around 10:00 a.m. Sat morning. (She is also the "Life Center Activities Co-ordinator".
Since there will be a wedding at the Church on Labor DAy (What kind of idiot gets married on Labor Day?)....we had to go out today and get the church ready. Then we loaded up my truck and her car with some furniture and stuff that our daughter and a friend had bought from a consignment shop here in town, and drove it up to her apartment in Louisville. Since I have a bad back, Kim and two of Marisa's friends packed the stuff up to the third floor. And brought down the old stuff to take back to the cosignment shop. And just where is the "Princess Marisa" this weekend? She's at Cedar Pointe in Sandusky, Ohio, camping and riding all of their wonderfull roller coasters!
As soon as we reloaded the truck, I headed back for home. Kim stayed at the apartment "to reorganize and repack" the new furniture. Knowing her, she will also clean the apartment, wash the dishes, and do whatever laundry that Marisa hadn't already brought home!
So, here I am down in my dungeon, posting my "Tale of Woe". I am undecided as to grabbing the muts and heading back to the cabin for the night.
Tomorrow, I have about 3 hours of "work" to catch up on...and maybe even clean the fishpond filters and instal a new light under the waterfall.
Decisions.....decisions! Screw the responcibilities....I'm grabbing the mutts and heading for the farm.... I'll just work late tomorrow if I heve to!