New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend...named Correctly!

Labor Day Weekend... a time when everyone kicks back to rest from their labors.....NOT !
Friday evening, I worked from 4:30 till about 6:00... ran home to feed the muts, packed my gear and food then headed for the cabin. Once I got settled in, I was able to sit back with my Kindle to finish up a hilarious book entitled " Sh*t My Father Said". Then hooked up my DVD player and watched a movie. since it had turned a little cool ( about 62 degrees ) I didn't have the frogs in the ponds to serenade to me. However, the Coyotes were in rare form with their singing. I finally dozed off around 12:30 A.M..
On Saturday morning, I fixed a pot of coffee, and decided to take a trip down memory lane to a typical Saturday morning from 50 years or so ago. Thanks to copying some old TV shows via Netflix, I was able to sit back and watch an episode of "The Roy Rogers Show" and also " Sky King".
Note: The girl named Penny in the Sky King Show just passed away this last week.
Around noon, I finally got around to fixing breakfast on the "outdoor kitchen". I believe it keeping it simple by just fixing sausage, eggs, and biscuits. After washing the dishes, I assembled and hung a nice 8-day pendulum clock given to me by my buddy Edgar to hang in the cabin. Also, I managed to hang a nice Makers Mark Barrelhead, and a paper towel dispensor. I even swept and mopped the floor.
Now that might not sound like much to you, but, for me, it was being pretty productive, because, I am not much of a handyman!
Later in the afternoon, I drove up on the highest ridge in order to be able to pick up a TV signal to watch the UK vs Louisville football game.
Then, Saturday night I had to head home to take a shower, then go out and help Kim clean up after a bigwedding reception out at the Catholic Church Life Center. I was there from 10:30 till 3:15 a.m. She had been there straight through from around 10:00 a.m. Sat morning. (She is also the "Life Center Activities Co-ordinator".
Since there will be a wedding at the Church on Labor DAy (What kind of idiot gets married on Labor Day?)....we had to go out today and get the church ready. Then we loaded up my truck and her car with some furniture and stuff that our daughter and a friend had bought from a consignment shop here in town, and drove it up to her apartment in Louisville. Since I have a bad back, Kim and two of Marisa's friends packed the stuff up to the third floor. And brought down the old stuff to take back to the cosignment shop. And just where is the "Princess Marisa" this weekend? She's at Cedar Pointe in Sandusky, Ohio, camping and riding all of their wonderfull roller coasters!
As soon as we reloaded the truck, I headed back for home. Kim stayed at the apartment "to reorganize and repack" the new furniture. Knowing her, she will also clean the apartment, wash the dishes, and do whatever laundry that Marisa hadn't already brought home!
So, here I am down in my dungeon, posting my "Tale of Woe". I am undecided as to grabbing the muts and heading back to the cabin for the night.
Tomorrow, I have about 3 hours of "work" to catch up on...and maybe even clean the fishpond filters and instal a new light under the waterfall.
Decisions.....decisions! Screw the responcibilities....I'm grabbing the mutts and heading for the farm.... I'll just work late tomorrow if I heve to!


  1. I was waiting to read you cleaned the sock drawer! Slow down and relax at the cabin sounds mighty good. As Red Green says
    If the women don't find you handsome, they should still find you handy.

  2. Sounds like a plan. Go to the cabin..let the mutts run and up any sort of grill and have a steak and baked tater tonight.

  3. Love the cabin! Fortunately this is the first labor day in some years that I didn't have to labor.
    I was a big Sky King fan as a kid. I believe he called his plane the Songbird.

  4. I sure hope you and the mutts enjoyed a nice retreat in your man cave there in the woods, Dave. It must be a life-saver when life starts piling on the sh*t and you just need to get away.

    I hope some day to have such a place in the Canadian Rockies.

    Gotta win that lottery first...

    Great posting!