New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lexington, KY Skyline

Here's a shot of the Lexington skyline as seen from about 5 miles from downtown out in the "horse farm area" to the West.

Hey Mom...The grass is really greener...

Again on Friday morning, I took my "backroad route" to Lexington. as I passed a horse farm, I noticed a doe and her fawn enjoying a nice leisurely breakfast. Usually deer will just jump over fences, but this Mom decided to do it a little differently to check out if "the grass was greener and tastier on the other side.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grrrrr! Not a happy shopper!

The wife decided that we need an "extra small refrigerator/freezer for the basement. Being too busy this week, she asked me to go to Sears and see about buying a new one. The requirements were simple: Price under $400... 14-18 cu feet .... 3 shelves.
Got to Sears, and there was a 18 cu ft ref/freezer, 3 shelves, and priced at $390. On top of the fridge was sign saying: Free Delivery!
I asked about the "free delivery as advetised on the sign atop THAT refridgerator, and was told that it "only applied to items priced over $399.
So, I requested that she sell me it for $400, so I could save the $65 delivery fee. she said she could do that, since they did it for customers all of the time.
Got the Sales Rep to "ring it up. Then she started pushing for the "extended waranty", which I told her I didn't want. She proceeded to tell me all of the reasons I had to have it "for only$119" for extra 3 years....which started the day of delivery! I asked her is she would put the start date of the warranty effective to day after the Mfg Warranty expired. She said she couldn't do that! So, I asked her how much the "real 2 1/2 year Extended Warranty" would cost me. Of course, it doesn't work like that. I told her it didn't matter, because, as I said....I didn't want it!
As she begrudingly "rang up the sale'...and while waiting for a Mgr to come over to "autorize the transaction", she said I'd need to "fill out some paperwork" to mail in for THE REBATE APPLICATION.
When I asked" What Rebate".....I was advised it was for the "Free Delivery"!
I advised her that "I DON'T DO REBATES because they are a hassle, and get rejected so many times due to "incomplete paperwork, etc" that people get fed up and give up on them.
About that time the Mgr showed up....she had me so P.O.ed...that I told her to just cancel the transaction because I was fed up with their "little bait and switch game"!
Came home and relayed info to Kim. She'll probably go to Lowes and buy the fridge!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday Drive to Work

Each Friday morning we drive over to Lexington for work. Somedays I take the backroad route by traveling down the "Old Frankfort Pike". This is a beautiful two lane road that passes many horse farms. Here are a few shots that I got last Friday morning.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Books on Tape

Not much to "write home or anywhere else" about here lately. Just a lot of working. I'm sitting here now downloading a "book on tape" onto my Ipod Shuffle. ( That's the small....simple version of an Ipod)
It will hold about 9 hours worth of music or book on tape. I can usually get a whole book on it.
I listen to my radio earphones during the mornings, but, switch over to my book on tape during the afternoon and evening work sessions.
The "bitter half" hates the thing, because I can't hear her if she hollars for me to "go fetch her something".
Last week I dropped by the camers shop to "price out" a new zoom lens for my Canon Rebel XT digital camera. My old regular camera had a 50 -200 zoom which I really missed.
Well, I was able to get a new 70-300 zoom for $200. Now, all I need is time to go out and shoot something with it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ho Hum!

Kind of a slow weekend for me. Worked till about 8:00 Friday night, so I got a late start heading to the cabin. Decided to leave the "mutts" home. Having them along is somewhat like having to watch two kids. I'm constantly having to monitor their whereabouts and activities to make sure they don't take off after a deer, or like last Fall, have a "near miss" with a skunk!
I was able to "kick back and watch three Netflix movies that I've had for about a month. Also, I was able to get in some very relaxing reading with my Kindle.
Saturday morning, Charlie Howard came down for the first time. He is the son-in-law of one of my wife's friends. He recently lost his hunting rights on a place due to "someone's son-in-law" bumped him out of the old spot.
I took him for a tour of the farm, and marked off an area of about 40 acres for him to hunt on. He seemed to be fairly impressed with the spot.
Sat night and most of Sunday was wasted by having to "WORK"!

Since I don't have any "exciting news", I think I'll just post a couple of old posts from my "Kentucky Backroads Site"

Good Ole Boys Like Me

Larry Adam's Cabin

Here is a posting dated October, 2005, from my Kentucky Backroads Site:

This past weekend I got to do one of my "get the hell out of town and head to the mountains" tricks. It was truely magical how it calmed my nerves and gave me a chance to just relax for a change.
Friday night I ended up at my buddy Gary Holbrook's place in White Oak (Morgan County), Ky. Our buddy Larry Adams dropped by for a few hours and we just sat around and played poker and swapped lies.
Saturday was another big round of swapping more lies and deciding how to best solve the world problems. Then we went into West Liberty and picked up 5 lbs of 1 1/4 inch New York Strip Steaks for supper.....YEP....I said SUPPER (That's dinner for you Yankee folks). The total cost for the 5 lbs= $30.14 !!!!!! The damn things would have cost around $9- $10 per lb here at Krogers!
After supper, we mosied ( took our time) on down to the Lee City Cultural Center (wrote about it earlier). Larry Adams was to play there with a couple of other fellows, but his accompiant (Rocky Crask) got sick (probably drunk) and had to leave early. Larry wasn't up to playing solo, so we just headed back up to White Oak and spent the night playing more poker.
I should mention here that the other fellows are dedicated drinkers and poker players. They do both things until the sun comes up. I do neither! I crashed out (sober) both nights around 3:00a.m.. And for the weekend, won a little over $100 at poker!
Sunday afternoon on the way home I dropped by Larry Adam's house to take a look at his "General Lee"...his idea of what a Firebird would look like in the "Dukes of Hazzard"! Hell, as you can see from the kind of looks like the ghost of Waylon Jennings by the car!
Then on the way home I stopped by Glenn Duff's at High Falls (Wolfe County), but, they must have figured I was coming, they weren't home....or hid their car and truck to make it look that way!
When I got home to Frankfort, I got to go out and do about an hours worth of work carried over from Friday night. What a "Reality Check"!!!!
Probably won't be writing for awhile. Next weekend is our "planned journey to North Carolina" so the Varmit and friends can see the Rolling Stones

Hazzard County....Nope, Morgan County

The following article was taken from April, 2006, posting on my Kentucky Backroads Site:

Folks in the small community of Caney located in Morgan County, Kentucky, sleep peacefully, knowing that they are protected by a local character that could have come straight out of a Hollywood script.
This character is a Morgan County Constable named Larry Adams. His law enforcement tactics are modeled after a still popular fellow from the “The Andy Griffith Show”….Andy, not Barney! Like Andy, he does not “pack a pistol” and talks to people instead of strong arming them.
Constable Adams is often seen out in public driving around in a Pontiac Firebird painted to resemble the “General Lee” from the other TV show “ The Dukes of Hazzard”. But, he is better known to the locals as a first class singer and songwriter, artist, or retired high school teacher.

Though he has had many contenders for his position for many years, he seems to always get re-elected. However, this year he has some opposition that seems serious about winning this race by utilizing lots of yard signs and door to door knocking. Constable Adams campaign strategy is a little more low key by not “bothering people” and not adding to the blight of the countryside with more signs. “Besides” he said, “I heard that my opponent is a pretty good fellow, and will do a good job if elected, so why should I spend a lot of money for a job that has no pay?”

As Robert Frost said, “ I can sum up everything I’ve learned in life in three word….Life goes on” And so it will with Constable Adams, who will still be out and about playing his music, cruising in his version of the “General Lee”, or at home painting portraits for folks in the area.

A little update on this posting: Larry won that "hotly contested race" by the biggest margin he had ever experienced! He also, won again earlier this year!