New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, September 8, 2013

  I've been spending a lot of weekends down at the cabin, especially now that I have the Gator to roam around back in the woods. 
  A few weeks ago I got out fairly early to take a few pictures of the "Crazyman's (Hunting) Lodge", the fields and got a couple of pictures of Karly as she rolled in the grass and gave herself a bath in the creek after wandering into the path of a skunk.  She was lucky that she barely got sprayed.  I was able to clean her up pretty well when we got back to the cabin.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Greetings to all,
  It's been awhile since I've been on here.  Hope I can write something that will be of interest to some of you folks out there.
  Back in June, I broke down and bought a "Gator" to ride around the woods and hard to get to places on the farm.  Each year at the KY State Fair, they get new Gators to use for the Fair, then they are sent to the John Deere Dealers to sell.  I went over to Shelbyville, to check on the 2012 models used last year.  Most had about 250-500 hours used on them.  However, I found one with only 48 hours , so I bought that sucker!
Being the cheapskate that I am, it pained me to write that check for $5600.  But, what the hell....I wanted it, so why not?
  For Christmas last year, Kim bought me a little camper stove/oven that works with the little propane bottles.  Since I got it, I now do all my cooking inside.  I still have the stove out on the porch to use if I need the use of a full size oven. 
  The pictures included with this post shows the oven and also some of my fried chicken and fried shrimp.  And yep,......I do use lard!

  I hated to do it, but, I had to get rid of Cooper, my male 5 year old dog.  He was the one that was the escape artist, and got to being almost vicious around any dogs other than his sister , Carly.
  Well, he finally tore into her and left some bite marks on her face.
  I hated like hell to do it, and cried like a baby after I did it, but, I had to turn him into the Humane Society to hopefully find him a new home.  That was back in December, and it still bothers me that I had to do that.  But, I just could no longer take a chance with him getting loose again and attacking a neighbors dog or maybe even attacking someone trying to break up a dog fight.
  We went up to Cincinnati back in June for my sister-in-law's 50th Birthday Party.  (For Lisa, Kim's sister.)
Mother-in-law tried to be friendly and act as though nothing was wrong.  However, it was very evident from the way "most of the family" acted pretty distant toward Kim and I.... that the old bat had told them all how badly we treat them. 
  I tried to be friendly when I first got there, but, had only sat down for about 2 minutes when SHE (Mother-in-law) started off on one of her long winded, blow by blow stories that is about only 1/2 true.  I caught her in two lies in the first 30 seconds.  I couldn't stand it, so had to make an emergency restroom visit.....and totally forgot to return for the finishing of her story. Was able to stay clear of her, but most of the family were very distant to both Kim and I.  Marisa and Justin were lucky that they had to work and couldn't make the trip.
  We ended up "visiting" for about 4 hours..... and decided on our escape back to God's Country that that would probably be our last visit to see her extended family (cousins).

  I am hoping to get started again on writing stories again for publication in the Kentucky Explorer Magazine. I have about three that just need editing.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend.  I finally got "Word " put back on Marisa's old laptop, so I can use it down at the cabin to rewrite some of the stories.
  Problem with writing at the cabin is....when I get down there, I just get lazy as hell, and want to only lounge around and read my Kindle, watch NetFlix movies or take a NAP.