New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good Ole Boys Like Me

Larry Adam's Cabin

Here is a posting dated October, 2005, from my Kentucky Backroads Site:

This past weekend I got to do one of my "get the hell out of town and head to the mountains" tricks. It was truely magical how it calmed my nerves and gave me a chance to just relax for a change.
Friday night I ended up at my buddy Gary Holbrook's place in White Oak (Morgan County), Ky. Our buddy Larry Adams dropped by for a few hours and we just sat around and played poker and swapped lies.
Saturday was another big round of swapping more lies and deciding how to best solve the world problems. Then we went into West Liberty and picked up 5 lbs of 1 1/4 inch New York Strip Steaks for supper.....YEP....I said SUPPER (That's dinner for you Yankee folks). The total cost for the 5 lbs= $30.14 !!!!!! The damn things would have cost around $9- $10 per lb here at Krogers!
After supper, we mosied ( took our time) on down to the Lee City Cultural Center (wrote about it earlier). Larry Adams was to play there with a couple of other fellows, but his accompiant (Rocky Crask) got sick (probably drunk) and had to leave early. Larry wasn't up to playing solo, so we just headed back up to White Oak and spent the night playing more poker.
I should mention here that the other fellows are dedicated drinkers and poker players. They do both things until the sun comes up. I do neither! I crashed out (sober) both nights around 3:00a.m.. And for the weekend, won a little over $100 at poker!
Sunday afternoon on the way home I dropped by Larry Adam's house to take a look at his "General Lee"...his idea of what a Firebird would look like in the "Dukes of Hazzard"! Hell, as you can see from the kind of looks like the ghost of Waylon Jennings by the car!
Then on the way home I stopped by Glenn Duff's at High Falls (Wolfe County), but, they must have figured I was coming, they weren't home....or hid their car and truck to make it look that way!
When I got home to Frankfort, I got to go out and do about an hours worth of work carried over from Friday night. What a "Reality Check"!!!!
Probably won't be writing for awhile. Next weekend is our "planned journey to North Carolina" so the Varmit and friends can see the Rolling Stones


  1. what fun! I had NOT read this and I enjoyed the hound out of it!!

  2. Sounds like you've been a busy guy, Dave; lots of places to go and people to see! I have to admire anyone who can play any card game more complicated than rummy! It also sounds like your friends know how to party--I mean enjoy a good night of card-playin'!

    I hope you're keeping cool enough, and it's good to see a posting here! I've been a little lazy lately and need to get something cooking back at my blog, maybe in the next day or so...

    Well, take care, keep busy, and hopefully there'll be another update from you soon!

    Keep cool!