New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Thursday, July 5, 2012

He's Baaaack!

Greetings to all,
  Well, it's been awhile since I've been on here....and what kind of "Welcome Back" do I get?  The *&#$ folks at Blogger done went and changed things around so that I have no idea as to how to blog now.
  However, I'm going to try and mutter through it.

Memorial Day Weekend, the VARMIT (my daughter) got married in Louisville.

The top picture is of Kim (my wife) and the groom.  #2 was Marisa getting ready .  #3 was a good shot of the happy couple.
  The photographer and assistant did a fabulous job....and took 650 pictures.  

  I'll get back later with some more pictures and story about what all happened that week.


  1. I am happy for your daughter and husband as they go foreard into their own life together. It is always so exciting. Even *I* can remember that. :-) And full of happy expectation, goals and dreams.

    About that tomato. I only have one plant and it's on the deck in a huge container. Deer are thicker than ticks here as I live bordering woods. They come and eat the bird seed but they can't get my 'mater!

    Great to see you.

  2. Oh and this is Carole, Ramblingon. I just failed to log out of the cat's account. Miss Catt passed away with her hypercalcimia last December and Katie now lives here with me.