New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Loafing

With the weather so hot and miserable, I decided to just lay low down here in my "Man Cave Dungeon" which is located back in a quiet, cool corner of my basement.
I started off playing with Blogspot to "reach out and touch the world". I managed (with the help of two lovely Southern ladies... Carol and Jenny)... to bungle my way into communicating with others on this "new fangled site".
My usual weekday wake up time of 5:30 A.M was somehow overlooked this weekend.... I actually slept in till about 10:00. After coffee, and reading the paper.... I slunk back down to the dungeon to keep my dogs company, and played with the computer.
Saturday afternoon, I was forced to put on a coat and tie...and fancy damned shoes that hurt my feet... and attend a wedding and the boring reception that followed. I did however, did get my picture taken with "THE VARMIT" (my daughter) ....
I was able to escape by muttering to the "better half", that if I left right then, I just might be able to go home to get the dogs, and make it down to the cabin "before dark". With a gleam in her eyes, she responded with a sweet knowing smile and uttered, " You have a good time!"...which really meant ..."Good riddance!"
Of couse, she knew that I wasn't going to the farm due to the hot weather. But, she was having a good time, and wasn't going to make me suffer through it any longer.
On Sunday evening, I ventured out and cleaned the pump filters on our fish pond.
That was about all of the excitement that I could generate this weekend!


  1. sounds pretty good to me. :-) You two have it going on as far as understanding one another is concerned. Sounds like a 30+ year marriage. ♥ Love reading of good marriages.

    It's horrible here too. Stiflingly hot..horribly humid..just not worth even trying to get out.

    Ever try chipped beef and its gravy on a baked tater? Them's good eatin'!

  2. I LOVE that pond, and the dogs are really good lookin', too...and man, what a view!
    Shoot, don't complain too much about the coat and tie, lol. Makes a man super spiffy, right? But your better-half wife definitely did the loving thing by letting you leave. If you think your shoes hurt, think about hers, lol.
    Oh, by the way, I buy the used cds from Amazon, too. Great prices, huh; glad to see the titles of what you used. I've seen that series listed but never looked into it -- until now :D

  3. Every man should have a Man Cave, Dave. My beloved has his in an extra upstairs bedroom, but I have my Girl Cave, too; on the main floor.
    Kinda nice to be able to get away from the world behind a closed door once in awhile...

    Your wife is a sweetie for understanding your need to get away; good for you (and good for her)!