New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Greetings to all that should stumble upon this site.

Until recently, I had a site called "Kentucky Backroads" on MSN. However, it got so cluttered up with spammers that I had to pretty much give up on it.

I used the site to share small sketches of my existence here on this "life plain". What I shared, and hope to continue doing on this site, is to post my photographs and chronicles of my travels along the "Backroads of Kentucky".

I hope that I can offer some entertainment and "escape" for others as you "wander along with me in the future.



    Go here. This will help enormously. He has been very kind to help us newbies, Dave.

  2. Dave, this has been a pure pleasure. I had a gazillion probs on WLS, too, plus all that spam. Never knew so many had so many undies they were dying to show off, lol. Nutso is what it all was. So, I, too, gave up the ghost and came over here. Man, nothing like starting from scratch, but you've gotten a LOT farther than I have on the "how to do this and how to do that".
    I am thrilled to meet you and you just made my day :D

  3. Hi, Dave--I'm Marge, also formerly of WLS and very happy to meet you. I guess that because you're a fairly recent arrival here, this comment is a bit of a housewarming giftie.

    Blogger isn't quite so fancy as Spaces--all the bells and whistles and stuff--but it feels a little like Spaces was in the beginning before MSN tweaked it into oblivion. The people here who've taken a chance on befriending me are good folks and I already consider them part of my extended family; may this be the case for you as you gwet settled into your new home here.

    I look forward to reading your essays and hope you'll stop by for a visit sometime; there'll be a glass of sun tea and some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for you.

    May you enjoy a great Tuesday and may the rest of the week hold many adventures in store for you in your beautiful Kentucky!

    Welcome to Blogger!

    8 )