New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Annual Owen County Magicians Convention

Each Memorial Day Weekend for about the past 14 years, a group of my friends, and their friends, come together at the "Crazyman's Lodge" in Owen county.
It started out with just Magicians, but, over the years, Musicians have seemed to take over. Each year tends to bring out more "new members".
The following clip gives a sample of this years activities.


  1. thing that will help is if they have made a comment, then, click on their blog name...where you see, for example mine says "Ramblingon said" Click on Ramblingon for example and it willtake you to my place. Then, when you get there, go up into the adddress bar on top and copy up to the end of the real yours is http://horacemaneursworld.blogspot. When you select just the persons address, go back to YOUR dashboard, and go down to where it says Add Manage. Click ADD, and you're in business.

    I know, that was written like a typical female and seems all roundabout.

  2. Heyyyy, Dave! Just happened to be online and saw your note to me.
    If you don't want to do it the way Carole (Ramblingon) said above, you can always look for the little "Follow" button/sign/colored graphic usually on the side of someone's blog. Then if you want to follow them, just click it. Most times that's all you have to do, but sometimes another box will pop up asking for your ID and also verifying if you want to follow Publicly or Privately. See, I'm female, too, but I always wanted boys for kids so my explanation is better, LOL. JUST KIDDING!
    If you look at your own blog, you can see who's already following you :) Good Job!

  3. I enjoyed my visit to your convention and am glad it's grown as it did to include musicians.

    Hmmm...magicians and musicians...both create magic in their own ways!!!