New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally a break from the heat

After work on Friday evening, Mama went to Louisville to clean THE Varmit's (daughter) apartment. Marisa was working one of her 12 hour shifts at the Emer Room at the Hospital, and just doesn't have time (or desire) to do it herself.
I helped too, I stayed the hell out of the way by grabbing the mutts and headed down to the cabin at the farm. By the time I ran some errands, got the dogs, packed some grubb,and stopped to bullsh#t with the tenant, I didn't get to the cabin till around 10:30.
After letting the mutts run for awhile, and unpacking the truck, I found that I was "one bushed puppy". I ended up crashing around 11:30!
This morning I let the dogs run some more as I fixed a big pot of coffee and settled down on the porch to get in some quality reading time. I had to break off the reading in order to fix a late breakfast of bacon and eggs in my iron skillet on my gas grill. Sometimes you have to improvise!
I decided that I did not want to put the stove inside the cabin to save on room. So, I had Andy (tenant that built the cabin) to put the stove/sink/cabinets outside on the side porch. He had not yet gotten it hooked up to the gas cylinder.
A few weeks ago, I went into Owenton to hunt down some yard sales to find an old fashioned wash pan (like the kind country folks had on their back porches to wash their hands in). I wanted it to use it for washing dishes and also for "washing up".
I found what I was looking for at the first yard sale (galvanized wash pan), also two cast iron skiletts, a cast iron griddle, and a good set of 7 X 35 binoculars. Total price for everything= $27!
I was able to spend several wonderful relaxing hours with my book (actually a Kindle) ...only enterupted by occasionly calling the dogs in, and refilling the coffee mug.
Andy came by late in the afternoon and completed the task of "hooking up" the gas lines from the stove to the cylinder. It is a somewhat compact stove/oven/sink/cabinet that he salvaged out of an old RV. It needs a little cleaning up (next trip), but, I couldn't pass up on the bargain low price for it and the installation....which was!
Around 6:00 p.m., I had to head back home to help Kim at one of our clients place. It only took about 45 minutes to complete, but, that's the way it is when you run your own business.


  1. I envy you a little, having such a nifty cabin out in the country--a place to get away from the hubbub of the day. Your frugal nature enables you to situate whatever you wish in your little retreat so your time away is pleasant and restful; well done, sir!

    I'm sure Mama appreciated all your "help", Dave, and your canine companions enjoyed an adventure with "dad"; doesn't get much better than that.

    I hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend--hard to believe August is now upon us (whatever happened to July???).

  2. Love the cabin. I alluded to ours when I was a kid. I will put a picture in one day. We had similar "appointments." ;-)

  3. Wanted to say (and thanks for the comment) that NJ is not where I'm from. I'm a VA person..Roanoke. But I did live there a few years for certain, and I liked that you mentioned that the Garden State does exist. The entire west side of the State and then some is sometimes rural but definitely green and lush with plants and trees. So it happens that I was near Trenton, the Delaware side of the State bordering PA. Very beautiful there. ☼


    Apparently the perspective of my photo fooled ya on the river's width.