New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Well, you almost wouldn't know it because it is snowing like crazy here in Central Kentucky. I heard on radio that we could get about 3 inches.
Kim (wife.... aka "the WAR DEPT") finally bitched enough...(.after only about 5 years) ...that the basement HAD TO BE CLEANED and ORGANIZED this weekend.
We tackled about 1/4 of it last night and got it in good shape. Tomorrow, she said we have to attack my "Mancave Section".
One problem I have on reorganization is that I have to "sort through boxes" before tossing out anything. HINT: I don't want to throw out anything! THAT takes time. Hell, I can get it all done with no help from her..... say in about another 3 years!
Example, while going through old boxes of pictures....I found the attached photo of me from Spring Break 1968 Daytona Beach. As a joke, I put it as my profile picture on Facebook. My daughter saw it and called Kim to report how "Freaky that was" She said what was freaky was that about the only difference in my appearance is the hair color!
I was somewhat flustered at times last night, because her way and mine don't always jive on how to get things done. Came close to stepping out for a smoke....but, fought off the urge.
Doing fairly well on "Stop Smoking Project". Was able to go all of last two weeks (except weekends at the cabin) without any at all. Backslid some today.....had 3 today. But, the "Smoking Pot" is growing steadily. As of today, it has $240.
Well, guess I'll close this up and get a head start on my "Mancave Cleaning Project".

Hey Jenny... if you stop by..... please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend Lee.


  1. Hey..good luck on the not smoking. I quit 5 years ago and thank goodness never looked back but I know what it's like..when a cigarette calls sure does and it's hard not to listen.

  2. You sound like my husband, like pulling teeth to get him to throw something away. Never smoked. One vice I managed to avoid.