New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catch-up thoughts and ponderings

Each morning I check the weather forcast on the computer and also monitor what the weather is like in other parts of the country where friends live. It was a little depressing to note that we were only getting up to 6o today, but, Dotham, Alabama was supposed to get up to 78, and worse than that, San Antonio was supposed to get up to 84! However, I felt much better when I saw that Great Barrington, Mass. was only getting up to a high of 21!
I was able to spend a nice long and relaxing weekend at the cabin...even with the mutts along! It was a little chilly, so I kept a nice fire going the whole time. However, it got warm enough Friday evening that the "peepers" (small frogs) were singing lively tunes down on the ponds. It rained quite a bit, but, it just made it nicer with the rain on the metal roof when it was nap or bed time.
Got some good quality reading time in, along with watching my 3 Netflix DVD's. Could have gone home early, or driven up on a hill to watch the UK vs Tennessee Basketball Game, but, was perfectly content just listening to it on the radio. TEAM won.... "Sorry 'bout that Carol"

Geneal Ponderings:
Liberia and it's problems: I think we need to keep our noses out of it. IF we do get involved, then damn it, lets go in there and take over the frigging oil wells!
LINDSEY LOHAN: Throw her ass in jail for about a year or so, with NO MORE get out early crap!
Martin SHEEN: Ban him from getting anywhere near a camera. He's nuts and thrives on all the attention.
Westboro Baptist Church Members: The next time they protest at a soldiers funeral.....I'd like to horse whip every damn one of those worthless pieces of crap!
Illegal Aliens: I seem to understand that part about "illegal".... why can't our frigging President and his Federal Govt Agencies not grasp that?
Gay Marriage: I'm against it. I'm just an old fuddy duddy that believes its between a man and a women. However, I think that gays should get some of the legal rights that married folks should couples of opposite sex.
Abortion: I have to straddle the fence on this issue! I am in favor of a woman making her own decisions. I personally don't cotton to the idea, but, I don't like to make decisions for other people!
President: I think he SUCKS! He has shown no respect for our allies, creates Cabinet Csars to get around Congress, directs his Att Gen to disregard enforcement of laws that he does not agree with. ETC !
CONGRESS: What the hell good are they? Both sides are only interested in grand standing and getting re-elected so they can get more slop from the Lobbiest and UNIONS! Creating new laws are pretty much a waste of time. They pretty much are unenforceable due to the Liberal Federal Judges that rule just about everything as "Unconstitutional". Except "O Bama Care" which was ruled as Unconstitutional, however, they are going to run it through anyway!
Well....guess I'll get down off the soapbox for now!


  1. You've offered some sound opinions, Dave; you've clearly thought them out and I respect your honesty in expressing them.

    I would rather hear mindful, honest opinions and thoughts than the cliche-loaded prattle of people who really haven't pondered a logical thought in decades.

    You're a good man with a good heart, Dave, and I'm pleased to enjoy the gift of your friendship.

    I'll listen with interest any time you step up on that soapbox!

    Keep toasty, y'hear?

  2. Thanks Marge. Sometimes I just have the need to rant a little. for the most part, the politicians don't give a rat's ass what we "The People" think about things....unless it just happens to coincide with whichever touchy feely politically correct mantra is in vogue this week!
    Crap....there I go AGAIN!

  3. I came back and saw I forgot to leave a comment. Good post Dave. Sincerely.