New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kentucky Christmas

We had clean roads and light traffic going to and from Cincinnati on Christmas Eve. We didn't encounter any snow until we were almost back home.
On Christmas Day, we got up and celebrated our Christmas. Kim and Marisa surprised me by getting and suiting up the mutts with their own "Gay Apparel"!
We spent the afternoon and evening at my sister's house near Waddy, Ky. My nephew was in from Arkansas with his family. His kids got the pleasure of experiencing sledding in snow for the first time. I helped document this by sitting comfortably in my nice warm truck, and utelized my zoom lens and video camera.
Like always, there was way too much food, all of which was delicious. I got so stuffed that I tried to beg off doing the magic show.... but, the kids wouldn't have any part of that! So, I did a smaller show than last year and got each kid "help me" with a trick. They seemed to have enjoyed it.
My brother-in-law, Junie, is a big Univ of Louisville Fan...(pretty much hates Univ of KY). So, Kim bought 5 UK blue sweat shirts and put them in a box for Junie to open. Then, he got to pass them out which the kids all wore for the rest of the night!
Poor Marisa, our "only child" sure had it rough again this year. All she got was..... just about everything a 32" flat screen HD TV, and a Playstation 3 game system.
When I got home, I downloaded the pictures with the kids and made a slideshow video, complete with music. Then around 2:00A.M. when I hit the button to "SAVE THE VIDEO TO YOUR COMPUTER"....the damned computer froze up! I let it sit overnight to see if it would work itself out. IT DIDN'T!
This morning, I got the damned thing rebooted and started all over again. This time, it worked out fine and I was able to save it and post it on YouTube for e-mailing it out to the family.


  1. What?? And you didn't post the url for us to watch it, too? Oh come ON, Dave! You know we're all going to want to watch that little gem. I mean, since these pictures are all soooo good, I can only imagine how good the vid would be. Besides, you make good vids :D
    I have an idea. Now I know I'm older than dirt, but I could make it worth your while to adopt me. I want to be the other daughter at Christmas in your house! Wooohoooo, Marisa cleaned up.
    The top photo of all the little kids and Kim is so cute. Tell Kim for me that she looks about 14 in that shot :D GREAT looking family, every single one of you guys. xoxoxo
    (PS/backup that computer because it's going to crash soon)

  2. Ah HA, I found the video, in fact LOTS of them (42), and Dave, I have had the best morning watching these. This newest Christmas one was so good and touching that I found myself getting choked up, really. And the music you put to it, ohhhhh, it was perfect. I don't know who the fiddle player was but sounded like the gal that plays for Yanni (Karen Briggs, and would you believe she's from Va). I'm not including the url in case you didn't want it published, but it was GREAT. To top it off, I subscribed :D

  3. Thanks Jenny. I didn't realize that I had that many. I have several more that either I did before I discovered YouTube, or was too big to fit their time allowance.
    When I get the time I'll add them too.
    The music is from the "Pickin On Series" that I told you about in the past. A few weeks ago, I got more of these thru Amazon (Used). They are: Doobie Bro/ Alabama/George Strait/and The Eagles.
    I'm happy that you got enjoyment out of the videos.

  4. God invented zoom lenses for a reason. And now you know the reason! All those blue UK sweat shirts made me laugh. I have friends where the wife went to Auburn and the husband went to Georgia. Talk about a mixed marriage!

    I'm heading over to YouTube to check out the videos.

  5. Okay. I'm not as clever as Jenny. I couldn't find them.

  6. So share the darn youtube url! LOL!!! Hey loved to hear about the goins on in your hollar. Loved the gay apparel. I hope you have a great week and a wonderful new year. Now tell us what Santa brought you.

  7. I tell you, that Pickin' On series is SOOOO good! I remember you telling me about it before and now I'm going through tons of notes trying to find where I put the info. I might be back to ask if I can't find it. I KNOW I wrote it all down.
    (Pssst, I think we've started a crowd looking for those vids, lol. YOU have to be the one to post the url). As I said before, your Christmas photos and vid were great. Everyone looked perfectly Maa-Vell-Ous, dahhhhlin'.

  8. If anyone wants to see any of my videos on YouTube, just go to their site...and do a search for : caveydavey48
    My favorites are : The Farm/ Mid Oct 2010/ Ky's Elkhorn Creek/ Kentucky Gravehouses.