New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Computer Glitch

I am starting to have a reoccuring problem with the computer. It started this odd behavior about a year ago.
The darn thing shuts down during the night, or while it's sitting idle. When I try to restart it, It won't come on. However, the CPU emits a ticking sound.
Last year, when it first did it, I took it in to the shop. It worked perfect for them. Then, when it did it a couple weeks later, I had the tech come here to the house. He stated that I had too much stuff hooked up to it. He suggested that I unhook the Copier, external hard-drive, and speakers when not using them.
Well, I followed those instructions ....for about a week.... and had no more problems.... until yesterday.
I've tried unhooking everything, and turning it off for a couple of hours...with little success.
Then after about 5 times of shutting it off and finally fired up.
So, I might be off the air for a week or so after Christmas, so I can put this thing in the shop.


  1. Good grief, I hope you find out what's wrong, Dave. It's no fun, believe me, I know. I will tell you this: About 6 years ago, I heard a ticking sound, too, and as the time went on, I had a hard time keeping connected. Well, the day came when everything died. The ticking had been like a warning that my hard drive was dying. I didn't know it and I hadn't backed up anything either. Long story short, I lost most everything and only a little bit was recovered. Half killed me. Make sure you back up what you don't want to lose because I'll bet this is the same problem.

  2. Oh man., Not a lot worse than an iffy computer, Dave.

  3. If you see this, Dave, it's Dec 25th, 2:27am......

  4. good lord, you need to fix the time stamp in your settings. That's FUNNY!