New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mid-November, 2010

Last weekend was first time since October to head down for the cabin. Loaded up the mutts early Fri afternoon and headed down to stay until around noon on Sunday. Got to catch up on my 3 Net-Flix movies and finished one book and started another on my Kindle. Have I mentioned how much I love my Kindle?
It's Gun Deer Season here in Kentucky and the deer are starting to get fairly active. The hunters got 3 Bucks and one big Doe on Saturday morning down at the farm. I was surprised that Kooper (my big chicken of a dog) didn't freak out with all the shooting, but, he pretty much took it in stride.
One of my goals for the weekend was to decorate one of the cedar trees out in front of the cabin, and take some experimental time-lapse photographs of it with cabin in background. I took about 30 shots using a whole lot of different time settings and lighting enhancements.
However, in my zeal to edit out the unworthy shots, I think I might have zapped a couple of my best ones.
I left the lights on the tree in case we get some snow this weekend. If so, I hope to go back and try it again.
The daytime temps were in the 60's, but, it got pretty nippy after the sun went down. The old wood burning stove did a great job. Matter of fact, around 2:00 A.M. Sat morning I awoke pouring with sweat because it got so hot in the cabin!
Marisa and friends planning on using the cabin this weekend, so , maybe I'll finally ramble up in the mountains to do some visiting.
Possibility of snow here on Friday....if so, I'll go take my pictures first.


  1. I love that photo, Dave. It has an almost surreal quality about it and makes the viewer almost squint to see if anyone is behind those windows. I think this is very artistic :D
    Poor bucks and doe. Hunting season has never been one that makes me smile. I wish I could hide all the critters and keep them safe. I'd rather nature took it's course instead of man pretending to be nature. Man can think up all sorts of reasons to kill: war, hunting season, revenge -- ugh, not a good subject with me.
    Anyway, if I had that cabin, I'd be there almost every weekend, too. Fire up that stove, lay in a good supply of food, and couple of crackin' good books, and of course pets and cameras. Heaven :D

  2. The tree is beautiful looking out there in front of the cabin. You did good .

  3. Great photo of your home away from home, Dave!

    Sounds like the old shanty will host a lot of wonderful times this winter and I'm sure lot of great memories will be created there!

    That wood-burner must create a wonderful aroma indoors--what kind of wood do you burn in it?

    Take care, and watch out for the deer the hunters don't get!

  4. Hello Dave, Had to come see you after your comment on my blog. The hunters here on the farm ended up with 3 does...2 very nice sized ones. And that was the first day. After that didn't even see anything.
    Wood heat is wonderful, just no thermostat.