New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's a dull week...thought I'd bitch some

Spent last weekend home watching Univ of KY Basketball and UK Football, had to do some extra work Sat night, then more on Sunday night (work I could have done Fri night).
Actually got some "re-organizing and pitching out (not much)" of my junk in the basement.
Finally throwing out old love letters from 40 years ago..( from some girls that I have little or any memory of), picture of girl I went to school with in 8th grade...and haven't seen her since then, farm info and bills from back in the early 1980's.
The tough stuff is the accumulation of my Mom & Dad's and Grandparents things that I have held onto. IE: Old Dinner Bell/ Old Wall crank Telephone/ 3 really old radios from back in the 20's and 30's/ 3 old Steamer Trunks/ Old Bird cages (with holder)/ My Babybed/ my old wooden playpen/ 2 old trettle sewing machines...etc. I'd like to pass thos stuff on to someone in the family...daughter will have first dibs....but, don't have many young relatives left.
I made the mistake of moving one of my "magic prop stashs"....of course I had to stop and "check out" some things I purchased over the years, and never gotten around to use.
Also, I took the time to actually go through some of the "magic stuff" I purchased last weekend.
One "effect" that I really like...and hope to work on enough to get my dead ass out and perform is as follows:
A mentalism effect whereas a spectator is handed a book.... told to open at any page.... pick out any word in the book.... write it down on a small post-it note.... close the book.... not showing anyone else the selection.... wad up the posted note and put it in their pocket. Then, I would milk out a little time by using phycho babbling and general B.S. before telling them their selected word. The word is verified by another spectator who is then given the post-it note to read out loud.
Another project I worked on this weekend was to cull through my "e-mail Funnies collection". What I've done in the past is to copy the best of the e-mail videos received and put them into a file. Then, I'd go back about every 6 months or so, put them onto a "Windows Movie Maker" file...then burn them onto a DVD to send to my buddies that don't have computers. Well, it's a slow process to do this....and frustrating as hell when after several hours....the damned things don't download to be saved for transfering to DVD! I have a crapload of them because I've put off doing this for over a year. Tempted to just scrap the whole damned project!
Also, I tried to click on the icon on the blog to "e-mail my blog" to a friend....and to make sure it works, sent a copy to myself. Well, it just plain doesn't work! So, I just copied and pasted my Blogspot address onto an e-mail and sent it out that way.
Enough of my "Biching"!
Have a free weekend coming up... undecided on whether to " go to the cabin...or go to the mountains". Probably will just opt out for cabin, because, have to work Sunday to get a head start on Thanksgiving week. We have to cram 5 days work into 3 days so to be off Thur and Friday.


  1. My husband used to do a little magic when he did clowning. My son (was 8) learned all the tricks and when at another event with a magician he was the volunteer picked to assist. Just imagine the hilarity when he was handed the collasping wand and it didn't collaspe.

  2. I had to laugh, Dave. Awful cleaning out...or maybe that's just shufflin' it to another corner, lol. And look at all the GOOD stuff you find! Shoot, too good to throw out; you have to mull it over and fiddle with it for a bit first, hahahaha. Been there a gazillion times. And you know what? I tried that emailing of the blog, too, and you and I must be doing something wrong because it didn't work for me, either. Has to be a trick in there. Hey, you're the magician, find it :D