New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Laptop...of sorts

 Greetings and Salutations,
  Last weekend, the better half, had yet another "basement sale".... ( after swearing about 4 years ago that she would NEVER do it again).
  I was able to scarf off a nice padded rocking chair, great little wooden table, and a strong set of monoculars to take down to the cabin.  I offered to pay for them, but was turned down.  She had a nice collection of stuff that she had tired of, or replaced with newer stuff when she gets into her "remodeling crazes".  Also, a couple of our residential customers donated some nice stuff that they were tired of.  Both of these customers are millionaires, so the stuff was top of the line and practically new.
  I used to take the "leftovers from garage sales" up to a friend in Eastern Kentucky so his wife could sell the stuff in her garage sales.  However, it would cost me about $50 in gas to continue this, and he would not come down off the mountain to pick the stuff, Goodwill received two pickup truck loads.
  As a result from the proceeds (about $350), she has put in a special little fund to purchase a 46-50 inch flat screen TV for the family room.  That is the next phase of her "remodeling".

  We had two laptop computers (belonged to daughter and husband in college) that she wanted to sell.  So, she took them to our computer guy to have all the personal info stripped out.  As it turned out, Justin's laptop had a bad monitor that would barely light up.... so it was a waste of money to even take it in.  Marisa's laptop is a Dell, and in great shape.  After, the work was done on both laptops....we got a bill for $135.  As a result, I sold Justin's laptop for $10 and kept Marisa's laptop for myself.
  I have plans for taking it down to the cabin and using it to start writing articles again for the "Kentucky Explorer Magazine"

  Our Cleaning Business has remained pretty steady through this recession.  We have lost a couple big customers due to the economic downturn, but, was able to fairly quickly replace them.  Now, one of the big ones has called us back to restart around Nov 1.  It was a Church that decided to utilize their "volunteers" to save money.  They forgot that 14 years ago they got us to come in and take over the job from their "volunteers" that started off with about 20 and quickly dwindled down to only 2 or 3 on a regular basis.
  I wanted to jack up the price by about 25% (since we never raised their rate in the 14 years we had them), but, Kim talked me into just taking them back at the old rate.

  Went down to the cabin this last weekend, without the dogs, so I could just relax and not having to keep popping up to check on them.  Got to catch up on my reading, NetFlix movies, and "home cooking" of sorts.
Kim is on a diet, so she doesn't care much for me cooking at home which tempts her too much.  So, at the cabin I was able to fix fried chicken, fried pork chops, and fried mushrooms.  and yep....I used LARD...and yes, they were delicious!  I packed up most of it in ziplock bags and brought it home to munch on this week.
  Kim didn't feel like cooking the veggies on Sunday, so, today at lunch we went to Cracker Barrel and ordered some extra vegetables to warm up the rest of the week.

  Fall colors are starting to pop out here in Central Kentucky....hopefully next weekend it will be nice enough so I can break out the camera and hit the backroads.


  1. Ah, treasures for the cabin at the right price, you just can't beat that. Volunteers can be a great thing but when they tire of the work, run out of time to help etc. it does cause a problem. We've had that at the Moose lodge at times. They come and go. Hubby's computer went down and the cost of repair would have bee $400 with only a 30 day guaranteed. Yup, he got a new one. Fall colors on the downswing here, but were beautiful. Have a good day.

  2. where in the world have you been? Glad I found you again.

  3. Dave!! Holy cow, you've gone awol just like I did! Well, I just finished reading back on all the goings on at your place and the fabulous shots of the wedding and oh boy, it was so much fun! Everyone looks like a dream come true and you and Kim look like kids yourself. Do you two EVER age? I don't think you do.
    I tell ya, family feuds are somethin' else. Had the same type of thing on this end for a gazillion decades. Mom & her brother started it and carried it on until I was 40! Because of that feud, I didn't even know I had 2 blood cousins and those cousins had no idea I existed either! Well, I found photos of them as 5 yr old kids in Easter outfits and started the detective work. Mom snatched the pics out of my hand and said they were of some kids in some other state and we didn't know them. Omg, can you believe it? My great aunt at the age of 85 started digging for me, too, and would wait until Mom & Dad were out of the house so she could rummage through drawers. Bingo, she found the names and addresses and of course they were the kids of Mom's brother. I took it from there and at 40 yrs old started the phone calls. My new-found cousins were floored and said they'd found a baby pic of me and the same excuse was given to them. They said they always felt something was very fishy. Ok, long story short, I got Mom and her brother back together, met my cousins, became super close to one of them (he just passed away this past Dec), and it was a good thing it happened when it did. Mom's brother died a year later and she never would have forgiven herself for not making amends. Whew, by a hair, I swear. So now to present day, everyone is gone except for me --- well, the other cousin is living but she won't talk to anyone related at all. She never made amends with anyone including her own parents and her own brother. So be it. Her loss. At least the biggest portion was accomplished even if it didn't have much time left. With a little luck, it will happen with Kim, too. They are missing out on one fantastic woman there. All they have to see is that she had great kids, a great husband and a wonderful life to know that her own greatness is a given. Man, whoever isn't speaking to her I could smack right upside the head. Lol, old Southern saying.
    As usual, I just wrote a book on your page, but doggone it, Dave, I missed reading you; I really, really did. Your page was always so down to earth, real, and fun. It was always like you and your family were old friends. I loved that......and oh, by the way, I stumbled across that youtube vid of the 2 cats arguing beside the car. You know the one: "...and I was a VIRGIN" (yowlllll!) Omg, I was still in tears from laughing so hard! Who couldn't love your sense of humor?! Oh, and tell Kim she looks fabulous just as she is. I know it by seeing the pics and you know it 'cause you love her. Tell her. Women love that. Then hand her a glorious piece of fried chicken ;)
    One day I might blog again. The urge comes and goes. Crappy health probs over here but working on them. No pity, please, it is what it is, and life can still be fun and absolutely good for a belly laugh.
    Will cya again soon, my friend :D
    BIG 'OL HUG! Xoxo!

  4. Dave, it's now Dec 24, 2017 --- MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! I ran back by because not only was I hoping you posted, BUT, I want to beg -- yeah, you heard me right -- BEG you for your fried chicken recipe made with lard. Growing up, that was the only way to do it and by god, nothing was better. Now I can't find a single on of my recipes for it and so here I am. Come on, ck your blog comments, see this one and pleaseeeeee post it ;)