New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Drama Continues

Well, after getting the e-mail stating that "Thanksgiving Dinner was canceled due to circumstances beyond our control" by my In-Laws.... here's what has happened:
Kim got a call from one of her other relatives in Cincinnati and was advised that "THE DINNER at her Mom's was not canceled, and that a lot of the family attended.... and of course, got the Mother-in-laws side of the story as how poor Lisa was slighted, and that Kim was behind it all!
Rather than get into a pissing contest with her Mom, Kim just let it slide.
On Dec 7 and Dec 15th, both her parents had birthdays. As usual, Kim mailed them both Gift Cards for Olive Gardens.
Then, yesterday, we received an envelope from her Mom in the mail.
The envelope contained both birthday cards torn in half, restuffed in their envelopes along with the gift cards.
That really hurt her Mom had intended. BUT.... more than that.... it really pissed her off!
So, any thoughts of Kim backing down from this latest "slight" is completely off the table.
The old woman is cutting off her nose to spite her face.... and my father-in-law ...and Kim's sister will be affected by it.

Each year, we went to Cincinnati for Christmas.... but looks like we won't be going up North this year!. We have been invited (and have accepted) Christmas Dinner at the home of the parents of our Son-in-law only about two miles from here.


  1. Hey, you. You tell Kim for me that I am sending one GIANT hug her way. What a rotten thing to happen. I know darn well Kim was hurt AND angry at the same time; who wouldn't be! Well, don't you all worry about it; it'll work out in the end and sometimes those "ends" are where the sun doesn't shine, if you catch my drift. I'm on Kim's side. Always will be. And dinner for the holiday will be just great only 2 miles down the road -- makes it quick to get back home and fall asleep on the sofa ;)
    By the way, I watched a bunch of vids and loved all of them. Dave, I tried to leave comments but the little post button kept going away so I don't know if anything showed or not; sooooooo, lucky you, I'll just paste it here, hahaha:
    "Dave, you ARE the Phoenix! Oh my goshhhhhh how I loved watching this! Have to say, this made me Oooooo and Ahhhhh like crazy. You'll have to start a sideline business now. Wow, just soooo darn good :D
    On a side note, I'm so sorry I haven't been around. You just can't imagine everything that's gone on in my neck of the woods, but I tell ya, when it's like this, I sure don't want to be blogging in such a down manner. I figure things can't go on like this much longer and I MISS all you guys!
    Have a wonderful, joyful, merry Christmas...full of love and laughter to fill all the days.
    Many X's and O's to you and Kim and Marisa and Justin -- your whole family and the pets, too :D (can't ever forget them)
    (PS...I've been watching them one by one and OMGGGG I see one called the proposal. HAVE to go see that one right this minute!)" ....and I did and I left a comment on that one, too. Best proposal I ever saw! Ok, I think I just caught you up to date, well, sort of.
    xoxoxo Jenny

  2. Jen? Was that Jen? Great to read her wods and she is right. What goes around comes around and that lady will find out! That tearing the cards in half was terrible and mean.

  3. That's WORDS not WODS! Oh Lord another sleepless night and fuddled fingers.

  4. Sorry I haven't been around much, Dave. Saw your kind comments and just wanted to stop by and let you know I appreciated what you had to say and am here to see what you've been up to.

    Rotten deal about the holiday gathering; you're better off going where you know you're wanted. Have a wonderful time and don't let some unfortunate judgment calls drag you down.

    Have a wonderful time and know a friend continue to think kindly of you.

  5. So sorry Kim has to deal with this. I can't understand how any family member can treat another like that, and to be the parents is the lowest blow of all.

  6. Sorry I have been's because of my personal trouble here Dave. Merry Christmas to you and the family. (((HUGS)))