New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On a RANT.....of sorts

I guess that I am considered by a lot of folks now-a-days of just being an ignorant old crotchety fart.
I just don't fit into these new enlightened times of political correctness.
A few examples of my out-dated views and values are as follow:

a. Disingenuous? Bullshit! It's still a lie! Why color it up to hide the truth?

b. Tea Party. I support it because it calls for supporting the Constitution as it was written, and for less government intervention into our lives. The Liberal press tries to label it as a bunch of racist nuts running around. Also, it does NOT get bogged down with social issues! That is a totally different thing!

c. My heroes were Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, and Paul Harvey.

d. Boycott Wall Street: OK.... I don't like the thieving S.O.B's that created and profited off the shenanigans of the Banks. BUT..... Why not BOYCOTT THE U.S. Attorney General for not investigating and prosecuting the Wall Streeters, Bankers, and Congressmen that allowed it to take place?
Also, with all of the support that these folks are getting from "Move On .Org, Unions, and the main stream media....I see it as just a smoke screen to take the heat off what a dismal failure that the current administration has wrought. And, I see it as a warm-up practice session for the bad protests that will be put upon the Republican Convention next year.

e. Sexual Orientation. I don't give a rat's ass whether someone is Gay or not! In my old country way of thinking, I just think that some people are born that way. I don't go out of my way to persecute or condemn them for who they are. But, then again, I don't enjoy watching the public display of attention, or hearing all of the pro and con bantering about it in the News. As for the Gay Marriage thing.... I just don't care for the idea. But, then again, I don't like turnips, but, I know there are nuts out there that do like them, so I ain't about to try to get them banned from the grocery stores!

f. Entitlements: What we are seeing is the result of the "Dr Spock Era" of trying to make everyone feel good about themselves. When I see these "boycott notebook shots" crying about how some "over educated idiot" that majored in Classical Education or Social Studies can not find a job...I want to puke! Maybe if they had researched a little, they would have seen that there is NO DEMAND for high paying labor in those fields! These same folks are too proud to work for McDonalds or Wal-Mart because of the low wages, but, constantly shop at both places because of low prices !

g. Immigration Policies: ( or should that be lack of enforcement) We have way too many legals on the Government Welfare Tit, we sure don't need the burdon of the Illegal Aliens ,too!
Yep, we do need the immigrants to do the work that Americans don't want to do anymore.
Here's my "old fuddy-duddy way" of solving this issue:
1. Build the fences....Guard the Borders....... keep out all new ILLEGAL Aliens...and drug shipments.
2. Enforce a law that makes ALL non U.S Citizens (within 6 months of it's passage) go to the nearest U.S. Post Office and register for a Federal I.D. These should have picture , fingerprint, and DNA sample. After this 6 month period, anyone caught without proper ID or is convicted for any felony...gets incarcerated automatically...then deported!
3. All Non U.S. Citizens have the opportunity to apply for citizenship....but, they need to earn it by learning our language (ENGLISH), and have knowledge and respect for our Laws and Rights!

Where I'm coming from:
I do not have a college diploma, ( I screwed up and partied too damn much!), and I do not have a glorious job. What I have is a good work ethic. Along with my wife, we have for the past 15 years run our own "cleaning business". We are not "Too good" to scrub other peoples or public toilets, or clean other folks homes and businesses. What we have done is build up a pretty good business through word of advertising, and are able to make some good money. However, we have not had the opportunity for a "vacation" due to our work schedule in all of these years.
So, when I see these "boycotters" and their pathetic signs, or see these illegal Aliens lining up for free welfare, food stamps, free housing, free education, and social security benefits.....IT flat PISSES ME OFF !

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