New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Friday, November 25, 2011


It seems like that my side of the family is "not real close", however, we seem to really enjoy the few times each year that we get together.
However, on the "In-Laws Side" it seems that they consider themselves as "Close Knit", and most living close together in Cincinnati, they are constantly together. Also, along with this comes way too much "DRAMA". It seems like each week or two brings someone in the family getting their feelings hurt, or fighting among themselves.
The wife got away from this crap 27 years ago by moving 100 miles away. However, she does get unwanted info on the latest gossip.
My Mother-in-law is basically a good person, but, is very outspoken, and demands that things go her way. (Note: She doesn't try this crap with me, because 27 years ago, I Advised her that I would not put up with her crap, and did not have to travel over the big Ohio Ocean to be miserable!)
The latest "DRAMA" concerns our daughter's wedding in May.
Background: Kim (wife) has a younger sister (46 yrs old) who has some learning difficulties and has the mental abilities of someone about 13 or 14 years old. She also has a lot of her Mom's traits of sticking her nose into other peoples business and being somewhat bossy at times. Most of the time however, she is just a sweet loveable kid!
When Marisa called Cincinnati to inform the Grandparents of her getting engaged, her Grandmother blurted out that her Aunt Lisa WAS GOING TO BE ONE OF THE BRIDESMAIDS! This was not in her plans....she was thinking more of having her take care of the guest book or do a reading. G'ma pretty much nixed this idea right then and there!
Marisa decided who her bridesmaids will be (college friends her age). However, this does not meet the approval of G'ma!
G'ma is now in a snit.... she canceled the Annual Thanksgiving get-together VIA E-MAIL!
We don't know now what our Annual Christmas get- together will be, as ours and Marisa's work schedules are pretty hectic.
I do know this....I had never seen Marisa mad at her Grandmother before, and she stated that she is not backing down on her "BIG DAY" to appease the whims of somebody else.
So, I'm being a dutiful smart husband and father and keeping out of it!


  1. You brought back memories of back home to me....wink. Good luck undercover.

  2. Good for Marisa. It is her day and she should have who she likes. No one, and I mean no one, should tell her who she can chose for any part of her wedding.

    Sad how some families feel this need. We are a very close family here, but I can't think of one instance where anyone has forced such issues.

  3. Man, what a buncha stuff to have to deal with, Dave. I like your attitude though and Marisa is the boss of her own wedding! SURPRISE! everyone else. :-)

    KY beat the socks off of UT! We don't have a team, haven't had a team and it will take an additional 3 years at LEAST to heave one. Things are grim here in the Orange Nation. :-)

  4. Family Thanksgiving cancelled! Sounds like the story of Br'er Rabbit saying, "Please don't throw me into the briar patch!" How next will she punish you - by sending too much of your favorite candy? Point out to Granny that the only purpose of weddings is to display your wealth and that Auntie Lisa only gets a buy-in if she can provide plenty of same. In which case, what the hell...