New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

New Kid (yeah right!!!!) on the Blog

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Times ... They are changeing.

Nope, I ain't getting into a boring soapbox tirade about politics, or general petty peeves.
What I'm referring to is that I noticed a marked change in leaf coloration since last week. As usual, i spent last weekend down at the cabin, and had to start up a fire in the wood burning stove. It got down to 31 degrees and got a thick coat of frost that made the ground look like snowfall. Of course, I left my camera at home that weekend!
Then, last night, I stayed down there again, but needed no fire.
A few weeks ago, I came upon a strange looking "tomato plant"...with no fruit....growning out in a hayfield all by itself. (See the picture attached) . I mentioned it to one of the "deer hunters" that hang out down at the hunting lodge, and strangely, the next week was gone.
In memory of my old single days, I thought I'd try out a bottle of Rebel Yell prefered brand way back then. ( Way back when I was in college, it was the favorite Bourbon of the "hip crowd"...they advertised that it was "Made in the South for Southerners"...and refused to sell it above the Mason-Dixon Line)
Blanton's Bourbon is now my choice (at about $ 50 per fifth). I was somewhat shocked to find the Rebel Yell priced at only $11 per fifth. So, with some trepidation, I fixed me a shot....and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the Rebel Yell just as much as the Blantons! Not that it matters much on the price difference, because, I very seldom drink much anymore. I've had my last bottle of Blanton (still about 3/4 full) for about 3 years now. So, I guess I'm stocked up pretty good with booze for the next 10 or 12 years!
What I mostly do down at the cabin is just loaf, rest, read my Kindle, watch Netflix DVDs, cook a little, and drink lots of coffee! But, here lately I've hung a few pictures, and my "Red Neck Windchimes" sent to me from my cousin up in Greater Barrington, Massachusetts.
I finally broke out the generator this weekend to check to see how noisy it would be to run, so I can power up a TV to play an X-Box game or two. But, since it hasn't been run in about 2 years, it wouldn't start. So, I took it down to the tenant's house and Andy will tune it up for me. Depends on how noisy it is as to whether I'll use it or not.
After all....peace and quiet is one of my main reasons for being there.


  1. Looking good Dave. Enjoy your Bourbon and solitude and sounds of nature. You must have some Barred Owls hooting at night.

  2. Well what good is a 'tomato' plant with no fruit and way. Peace and quiet and a little nip is not a bad way to relax.

  3. Those generators need firing up about every quarter...

  4. Hi, Dave...

    Thanks for letting your friends roost for a bit in the cabin; still a nice place ya got here.

    I hear you about taking a break from the political stuff; it's great that you have a retreat from all the insanity out there in the woods, amongst the critters, leafy green "herbs" and all. I'm thinking we'll all need hideouts like yours when the election stuff begins anew.

    Enjoy that bourbon, and lift a swig or two for your friends, willya? Me? I'll down a goblet of vino from my hometown's vinyard ("Bohemie Blush" being my fave), and wish you a peaceful break from the insanity.

    I'm ready for Spring already...gonna be a long, loooog wait, methinks...

    Take care and behave yourself.

    ; )

  5. Say that was a mighty big tomato plant ;-)
    If I bought a bottle of booze I would want the whole bottle, not jist ah 5th.
    Oh go ahead and whine ah bit, I'll listen!
    Do you have floor protection in front of your stove? Sparks might start that pretty floor ah fire. Ennaway your cabin is beautiful. I don't drink booze or beer but a little wine and lots of cocoa and even more coffee is my ticket to peace and content. Be well and be happy. Oh and love your windchimes!